From Seed to Weed – 2019

So, Hemp is legal again in the US. That is great news and a long time coming. I have hemp seeds too. I don't know if they are any good but I would like to find out. My only concern would be whether my city ordinance officer would have a problem with it. Hemp could …


Drupal 8 – Drupal Theming skills refresh

Wow, so many things have changed in Drupal 8, and in web development land in general since the last time I worked  full time in Drupal developing sites. I'm really glad that Bootstrap has become one of the most popular themes in Drupal as I am at least familiar with that. My skills have always …


I am starting a new category of posts on my blog about my experiences and thoughts about downsizing and living with less. Spoiler, every time I let go of something I feel freer and happier than ever before!


Just finished the 6 lessons to date. Here's my zombies. Next task, write my own smart contract and figure out how to hook it up to Web 2.0.