Fall 2017

We closed on our purchase of this house in May of this year. We had 45 days before we had to be out of our old house to get the plumbing and the electrical redone along with the kitchen and bathroom in the new house. Not to mention the drywall, painting and flooring that we did ourselves. There are still many small projects left but we are tackling them at a slower pace since we are moved in now and everything necessary is done.

We will be having our first guests later this month. Steve’s brother and his wife will be visiting for a few days.

The only major project we will be completing before winter is the Hugel Mound and removing the tree between our house and the neighbor’s. That tree is also blocking all the potential light to my garden. It has to go.

I will be using the logs from the dead tree Steve cut down last spring as well as other logs branches and composted leaves and yard waste from around the yard. This will clear most of the debris and make space for the chopped down tree and other fresh yard waste from this year. I plan on letting that stuff age until next fall. Then we can start a second Hugel mound or replenish this years depending on how fast it breaks down. Stay tuned.


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