Almost Spring 2018; More Winter Sowing

Looking out at my back yard today it is hard to believe that spring is only a few weeks away.

Tiny greenhouses this year. Maybe a bigger one next year.
Tiny greenhouses this year. Maybe a bigger one next year.

I have been learning more about winter sowing and found that you can put out any seeds using this method not just those needing cold striation.

There are two benefits to me for trying to winter sow most of my seeds. First, I don’t have the space for a small indoor seedling tent. I can probably fit a small shelf in front of the south facing slider window in our bedroom. That’s only going to be enough room for 2 or 3 small flats of tomatoes and peppers.

Secondly, seeds sown outdoors do not require electric lighting. I like the idea of using less electricity in general.

I will still have a bunch of seeds to direct sow. My lettuce and spinach and other cold hearty vegetables. I am also planning lots of beans and corn. Let’s not forget summer and winter squash. And Cucumbers and herbs!

We started cutting down this invasive tree that would otherwise be shading my garden.

It’s quickly become clear that my idea of using the invasive tree wood as a Hugel mound is not going to work. We are going to try and find someone that can chip the trees up for us.

This may not happen in time for my garden to be in the back yard, but the side yard gets mostly full sun too. I’ll probably start there this year even though it doesn’t get full sun and isn’t my first choice. My goals for this year’s garden are to get as much fresh food as possible and to create good organic compost for next year’s garden.

Goodson Street Backyard March 7th 2018.
Goodson Street Backyard March 7th 2018.