Update: getting some stuff already

I don’t remember getting big tomatoes this early in the season from my Detroit gardens. I guess the southern exposure really makes a difference.

Early arrivals
I don’t usually see tomatoes this big so early in the season. I will try pickling the banana peppers and using the bell and jalapeno for chili.

Everything is starting to fill out.
So far no blight.
Strawberries, so cute so tiny, gone … I already ate two of them as soon as they ripened. I might try a strawberry bed next year if I generate enough compost to add more rows to the garden. 

Sunflowers! I just fed them last week, they were a little pale. They are growing fast. Onions, I have been using the tops as scallions, very delicate tasting.

I still have no idea what these plants are, they might be weeds at this point.
Hello broccoli, I hear your leaves are tasty too but it looks like someone got to them already. I still haven’t staked up my heirloom tomatoes, maybe this week. The back-end of the Hugel mound. It doesn’t get as much sun as the other end closer to the house, good to know. I am noticing that the zucchini doesn’t like as much light as the winter squash and the melon. Next year, I’ll plant my zucchini on the back-end of the mound and they should be much happier. They are wilting in the middle of they day now and I am watering them daily in the afternoon in addition to regular watering. This should be staked up, I’ll try but I’m afraid I’ll break the branch. I’ll keep an eye on it and try to support the many tomatoes in this branch. Lots of banana peppers, a few bell peppers and one lonely pea plant. That is a giant bog of tomato plants. Need to give them more space next year. Another 2 strawberry plant, no berries yet. I will give them more soil and organic fertilizer this week to see if it helps, the leaves are nice and green and I have been feeding them once a week. I don’t know what this plant is. It’s pretty. Berries! The marigold plants are starting to flower.

It was a busy week but I feel that I am starting to catch up with yard work at last. I can now just water, fertilize and wait for food to grow.