Tomatoes and Peppers!

I just harvested the first of the beefsteak tomatoes. the cherry tomatoes are just starting to form on the vine and I am getting a few red ones each day. The cucumbers and melon plants are looking good. You can see the difference in the first melon grown from seed and the melon plants that I purchased from the nursery. Next year I’ll grow my melons from seed too. I’m seeing lots of flowers on the cantaloupe, I should get a melon or two. The butternut squash in the front of the hugel mound  filling in fast. The zucchini are much smaller than the squash and mellons. Good to know for next year, I’ll start them a little earlier so that they get the same chance for sun on the mound. They might get shaded out if I don’t do some fancy pruning this year.  Marigolds! I really didn’t think I could grow these. Now I think I will have to transplant some of these into other containers so they don’t crowd each other out. The tiny zucchini plants between the winter squash. Today’s haul! Between yesterday and today, I should have enough for my first batch of pickled banana peppers. They are good fresh in salads too.