Pickled Pepper Mishap

I’ve started getting peppers in quantity already.

So many peppers so early in the season!
So many peppers so early in the season!

I decided to pickle the peppers that are ripe now together as a mix of sweet and hot peppers.  In this mix are green bell, purple bell, one tiny yellow bell (part of a pack of “carnival” pepper seeds), mostly yellow banana peppers, a few cayenne, several jalapeno and another small green hot pepper that I don’t remember planting :). I am using a simple hot pepper recipe from the Ball Canning recipe web site. I chose it because it has no salt in the brine and it’s a very simple, minimal ingredient recipe. Also, the garlic is boiled with the brine initially and removed before adding to the peppers in the jar to be processed. This avoids blue garlic which, I read somewhere, can be a problem in water bath canning/pickling.

I cleaned up the old water bath canner for another season. Then I got everything chopped and processed as directed by the Ball recipe. Then, tragedy struck! 

Somehow the the bottom of one of the canning jars blew out. Either I had the lid too tight or when I lowered the cans into the water bath I bumped them too hard against the bottom of the pot. I’ll need to be more careful in either case next time.

All is not lost! I still have 3 quarts!!! of mixed pickled peppers.

It looks like there are many more peppers coming right behind these that I picked today. I should have more chances to pickle peppers. Next time I think I will fill pint jars rather than quarts because each of these jars should be used up within 2 months or so after opening and being kept in the fridge.  They could go bad if I don’t find a way to use them up before 2 months.

I plan on using some of these in my future canned salsa and tomato sauces.

It looks like I will be getting a few cucumbers too, so I will probably have more chances to practice my pickling this summer.