So, what’s Tracy been up to lately?

The past three years since I left my last full-time position have been interesting to say the least. My intention was to take a break from a full career so far to process where I’ve been and decide where I want to go next. I am also very aware that this is the final quarter of my working life so I want to make it meaningful to me and useful to humanity. Grandiose? Perhaps, but what the hell, I’m going for it!

Recently, I’ve done a few small gigs as a freelance web developer, mostly WordPress theming stuff and some rare Drupal site updates. However, during this time my I believe my most succesful accomplishment was in opening and learning to run an eBay store. In a relatively short 3 month time-frame I went from a novice eBay seller to running a 200+ item store at eBay’s Above Average rating and with a perfect 100% feedback score.

In order to do this I had to learn photography of items in order to list them. I quickly learned to use natural lighting for large objects and only use a light box when necessary and only for small items.

I learned to list my items for sale almost entirely from my phone using eBay’s mobile app. Overall, running this store made me realize how important having a good workflow was to being a successful business. It was also a good reminder for me that I was good at using the available technology to create efficient workflows.

I learned the importance of SEO titles and content in gaining exposure to potential customers on eBay. This is a concept that’s important all throughout the internet and reminded me of how much I have learned to rely on statistics like Google’s Analytics to shape my page and title content for maximum organic search results to my sites and clients’ sites.

I’ve also made lifestyle changes that have had an amazingly positive impact on my mindset and health. So much so that I’ve decided to re-launch my career. I’ve lost 70 pounds and feel that I’ve gained at least 10 years for my working life. I’ve done this by maintaining a whole foods plant based diet and daily exercise and meditation.

Financially, I have downsized for my own simplicity but also to decrease my carbon footprint. I don’t have a car and I prefer to travel as little as possible. I do have a broadband internet connection and a HD webcam and all the latest applications that I can use to communicate with clients in their preferred manner. Although I currently don’t have an iOS shop (linux/Ubuntu here) I have worked with and supported Apple products since the beginning of Apple.

The takeaway is that I am primed and ready to use what I’ve learned to work in an environment of other passionate technically minded people. Because I have restructured my life in such a way that financial pressures don’t factor into my job seeking I am free to consider companies that are in sync with my own values.

My current side project: I am learning Laravel. I have done much of my web development coding using PHP. I am hoping that this will allow me to use my PHP experience and re-vamp it for current best practices.

Ideas that I am interested in:

  • worker cooperatives
  • cooperative platforms
  • open source everything
  • decentralized, mesh networks

You can check out my LinkedIn profile here:

Add me as a LinkedIn connection or just drop me a note here on this site.



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