What’s next? My re-entry into the “Matrix”.

After spending the past few years focusing on simplifying my life I am circling back to address the remaining 10 years of my IT Career. Thanks to the radical simplification of my financial obligations I don’t need a huge salary to survive. However, I still need to feel that my contributions to a company are appreciated financially given my experience and passion for my field, the “Internet” in general and most recently full stack web development using LAMP.

I have worked primarily in the Educational and Financial Industries for these companies: Massachusetts Finance Housing Agency; CIGNA Insurance, Fidelity Investments, Boston University, University of Arizona. I have also worked as a 1st and 2nd level NOC Engineer for the NEARNET region of the Internet in the mid 1990’s. My most rewarding job was working for The Friends Program in Concord, NH as their receptionist, but also as their first web mistress for their first online charity auction and their first LAN admin setting their PC’s up to work on the newly installed WiFi network.

Since January of 2018 I have maintained a whole food plant based lifestyle to improve my health. This has turned out to be a life changing success for me and one of the reasons I am actively trying to reactivate my career. I’ve lost weight and restored my health to a pre-diabetic state which has been nothing short of miraculous to my Doctor as well as myself. I feel that I have been given another 10 years and I want to use them wisely and usefully.

Moving forward my main career goal is to find meaningful work in an eco-friendly group or company  where I can share my skills and experience. I am an open minded life long learner with current interests in decentralizing technolgies such as the blockhain and mesh networks.