Drupalizing, getting back up to speed on the latest and greatest in Drupal!

I’ve been toying with Laravel as my new PHP backend for my LAMP stack CMS platform but I’m just not feeling it yet. I think the OOP stuff is a little too foreign for me at this point. Since I’ve got many years of Drupal experience, I started at the end of 4.x and my last few Drupal gigs were in Drupal 7, Drupal 8 is probably what I should be using to level up my PHP OOP skills.

I’m working exclusively on my local Ubuntu 18.04 desktop computer using Vagrant/Virtualbox because it’s awesome to not have to worry about breaking my only workstation by fiddling around with MAMP, XAMMP, etc.

I’ve found that once I emerge myself in the latest best practices things just get easier. Those clever web developers have not stood still since I’ve been away from my web coder jam. Now I’m just trying to catch up so that I can once again be useful and employed once again in my chosen field.

Right now I found a wonderful, and free series of tutorials here from the fine folks at Webwash.com an Australian Drupal company. Check them out!


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