Drupal 8 – Drupal Theming skills refresh

Wow, so many things have changed in Drupal 8, and in web development land in general since the last time I worked  full time in Drupal developing sites.

I’m really glad that Bootstrap has become one of the most popular themes in Drupal as I am at least familiar with that. My skills have always tended to lean towards the back end than the front and Bootstrap allows me to set up a, hopefully, inoffensive, basic site theme that the front end developers won’t hate me for.

First I needed to understand managing packages with composer. It was a little intimidating at first, it seems too easy to not have to play the “fix the dependency gap” game. But once I learned to trust composer to do it’s thing my life has gotten much easier.

I also am loving using DrupalVM along with Vagrant and Virtualbox. Gone are the days when I had to rebuild my workstation after hosing something with MAMP/XAMP or whatever. I like keeping my projects in their own virtual machine playground.

For my first project I am taking a standard Drupal 8 install with Bootstrap as my starting point and I will be replicating the Warner Brothers site as an exercise in learning Drupal 8 themes and using the Bootstrap as my base theme.



This is a responsive theme with a mailing list signup form in the header, that has a close box. There are custom icons in the menu and a carousel main hero box.

So far I have changed the base color scheme to slate in the Bootstrap Barrio theme settings.

Next up change the header to include a mailing list form with close box. But first off to learn how to work with twig and sass in Drupal 8…


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