Germination to seedlings

I’m using plastic forks to hold the plastic baggies over my seedlings in their solo cups. That way the plastic won’t rest on the leaves and cause them to get too wet or damaged. Seems to be working so far…

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It’s been slow going getting my seedlings to sprout and grow. The problem turned out to be low humidity. I know that I have had successful grows during winter and they took longer than when I grew in the warmer months, I’ve never seen my seedling become deformed and stop growing like I have this time.

I know that humidity is the culprit since I started a second round of seeds, this time using a jiffy seed starter tray with a plastic humidity dome. Those seeds seem to be growing normally.  And some of the seedlings that weren’t developing leaves started to grow leaves once I put a plastic bag over their solo cup to hold in the humidity. They look really weird but I think they will catch up.

I got a humidifier today to put in the grow room and I will keep the new seedlings under the humidity domes until they get a little bigger. Hopefully they will then continue to grow in the conditions of my grow room.

Pro tip: you can use the plastic containers that salad greens come in to make your own humidity domes. I had actual humidity domes that were designed to fit over the standard 10″ X 20″ seedling trays but they got squashed in my move from Detroit. Instead of paying for new ones I got some baby spinach from Walmart. Free humidity domes and they  came with bonus food! Don’t be afraid to raid your recycling for your garden. I do it all time from using yogurt cups for seedlings and tomato/pepper starts to using the large tidy cat litter buckets. Reuse then recycle, why not get another use out of stuff before trashing or recycling it.


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