Humidifier added to room.


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Update: The Walmart Equate humidifier does seem to be working. The humidity started out about 33 percent and I just checked it a couple hours later and it was up to 45 percent. This is a good level. But the weather was warmer today around 33 F. Once the temp drops again and it could be back down to 20 – 25 percent. But the humidifier at least makes it a little more pleasant for the seedlings.

I am hoping that the humidifier will raise the humidity in the room enough that I can take the humidity domes of the larger seedlings. They are starting to look over watered and droopy. I don’t want to suffocate them.

The best looking seedlings in the little dixie cups look like they are ready to go into solo cups. They have roots poking out of the bottom of the dixie cups and they look a little unhappy, kind yellowish. I am hesitant to try and transplant them at this point because the root ball isn’t formed and all the soil will crumble when I try to remove them from the dixie cups to put them in the solo cups.

But I have an idea. I think I will make a space in the solo cup, the same size as the dixie cup, then cut the bottom out of the dixie cup, then slide the dixie cup with the seedling into the pre-made hole in the solo cup soil, then I can remove the sides of the dixie cup and the plant will be in place. Sounds good on paper any way. I’ll try and get this on video, could be good for a laugh.


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