Flower room build

My sweetheart let me take over the upstairs closet for a flower room! He’s the best! So we started to build out the closet this week, the plants will be ready soon so it’s gotta happen sooner rather than later.

In order to get some bud soon I plan on putting the most advanced seedling or two into 5 gallon DWC (deep water culture) buckets that I had from an experiment I did a few years ago. I still have all the equipment beside the buckets, the net pot lids, the air stones and the air pumps. I can use the same food and beneficials. The only think I had to buy was some hydroton, the clay balls that the hydro plants need to grow in instead of soil.

Thanks to Medgrower1 I found that I can transplant my seedling that’s in a solo cup with coco coir directly into the net pot and just backfill in the hydroton and go. I will be vegging out the plant in the DWC bucket, hopefully speeding up the veg stage of the plants, and allow me to take some clones and put them into flower sooner. I’m thinking 2 – 3 weeks after they go into the buckets. Then it’s 8 weeks or so until harvest!

The closet is perfect for a 3 or 4 flowering plants, it’s much taller than the coat closet that I will now be using exclusively as a veg room. I will have a full 5 feet for the plants and allow for the lights. And I will have room for all of my supplies! Here are some photos of the build. I’ll put together a video once it’s done.


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