The plants love the kelp!

I can’t believe how fast the little seedlings are growing! It’s been less than 3 weeks since they were tiny seedlings. Now even the ones that I didn’t think would make it have several sets of leaves. They are bursting out of the solo cups.

I want to transplant them but I am waiting for my hydroton from Amazon, should get it by the middle of next week. I’m planning on putting the two largest into the DWC buckets and let them veg a couple more weeks before putting them into flower in the newly converted flower closet. I’ll try and grab some clones too before I switch the lights to 12/12.

Looking at my calendar, assuming I go into flower two weeks from Jan 9th, which would be Jan 23rd. Then it’s (only) another 8 weeks until my first harvest.

The Dieseltonic plant is the larger one in back. Look at those leaves, so indica! and it’s high CBD thanks to the Cannatonic. Great for insomnia and sore joints!

Really looking forward to that Dieseltonic plant, it’s looking very indica and should be CBD/THC balanced, if the breeder’s description is accurate.

The other plant I’ll be putting into DWC is a sativa, Super Silver Haze, and from experience sativa plants take a couple weeks longer than indica to finish up.

Super Silver Haze, looking very sativa. I also have a couple Hawaiian Skunk Haze regular. I’ll be cloning them once I find the female(s).



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