Veggin’ Out

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The larger flower room needed some heat and humidity. Since they are all on the same veg light cycle I decided to move all the plants into the larger room. I moved the heater and humidifier too. The humidifier is only able to get the larger room to 30% humidity but that should be fine now that the plants are larger. It’s just the sprouts that need 50% to grow.

The two DWC plants are set up. They should start to take off. Another reason to put the heater in the flower room. I have to make sure that the water in the buckets stays around 68F. I’ve placed them on a heat mat as well. It’s like Florida in the grow room. A nice place to visit in this Michigan winter.

All but the smallest seedlings are now in their 1 gallon pots. I should be able to put the smaller plants in the 1 gallon pots soon. The regular plants will stay in 1 gallon until pre-flower in a few weeks, then I can pull the males out of the room. I may keep one of the Hawaiian Skunk Haze males to collect the pollen. It would be great to get some seeds since I don’t have many viable ones left in my collection. I think I can let them finish up in with the veg plants and clones in the smaller closet, unless they need 12/12 light to produce pollen. Something for me to research.


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