I should be looking for female pre-flowers or male sacks already!?!?!

Glad I just took a look at my favorite grow reference site Grow Weed Easy. It reminded me that I need to start looking for pre-flower activity on my seedlings. According to GWE cannabis plants can start to display their sex as 3 -5 weeks from seed. That’s right about where my plants are now. Although, in winter they grow much more slowly, I have some seedlings that are just barely on their 3rd set of leaves.

In any case, this site is a wonderful reference for first time growers as well as people like me that have several successful grows under their belt.

Because there are so many great resources for new growers I had to ask myself what I thought my place is in this new and wonderful hobby space? I was also asked this on reddit by growers who have been growing for over 20 years. My answer is that starting out there were so many learning resources but I wasn’t sure what my goals were when I started my own garden. As a result I spent a lot of time and money trying different methods of growing. Some of which were totally inappropriate for a tiny medical garden. Just look at some of the commercial growers out there on the internet and try to interpret that down to your little closet grow and you can understand my confusion.

Once I realized where I fit in the grower space I right sized my ambitions and dialed my technique down to a science that I could rely on to provide just the right amount of fantastic home grown weed every time.

For me that method is indoors in small spaces using coconut coir and organic liquid or traditional mineral liquid nutrients. I supplement my grow with organic fertilizers like kelp and bat guano and most importantly beneficial bacteria and fungi. While these last few ingredients are not necessary, I feel that they give my bud more potency and diverse flavor profiles.

I’ve just started my current grow in time for the legalization of cannabis in Michigan. I plan on having a small, way under the 12 plant limit, perpetual grow in which I will always have a supply of fresh  cannabis for myself and my partner.

In order to have a separate vegetative and flowering room I recently turned our attic closet into a flower room, due to the height of the room. I can grow much taller plants like sativa dominant strains. I can now keep a mother plant and clones in my smaller veg room.

The plan is to take clones or keep a few mother plants around so that I can always be flowering out and harvesting 2 or 3 strains at a time. I use different strains for different ailments. Also I have found that if I smoke one strain exclusively I develop a tolerance which decreases the effects that I am seeking from the plant.

But what can I do for you? I can help you set your goals and create a grow plan for your small residential grow room. I can tell you specifically what you will need and how much it will cost. I can’t tell you how much money this would have saved me as a newbie grower. Hydro stores are wonderful but you can end up with products and methods of growing that really don’t suit your needs.

So drop me a note if you have a question about getting started. If you think it would be a good fit I can offer Skype/Google Hangout video sessions and voice sessions for 30 minutes to an hour generally between 8 – 11 am  and 9 – 12 pm Eastern Time Monday through Friday. I can also set time aside on Saturday or Sunday if we agree on a time in advance. But the first email/voice meeting is complementary to see if I can be of help to you in your indoor cannabis gardening adventures.


Hope to talk to you soon!



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