Let it snow, it’s springtime in my closet!

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I regret that my garden is off during most of the day but I have the lights on during the off peak hours so that I get charged a lower rate for my electricity.

In order to have something ready for 4/20, I’ll have to get my largest plants into flower on February 1st. That will be cutting it close, I’ll only be in week 8 by the end of March and I don’t know how long these strains will take to ripen. I’m guessing that the heavy indica plants will be ready since most indica’s finish in about 8 weeks. But If I have to go to week 9 or 10, I won’t have time to dry and cure before 4/20. But whatever, I’ll be busy with school so it doesn’t really matter to me.

The plants are looking beautiful, the leaves are getting large no signs of deficiency or over feeding and no sign of pests. Hopefully my luck and diligence pay off for this first grow of the rest of my life 🙂


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