Hi, thanks for visiting my website, here’s a little info about me:

I’ve worked as an IT professional for many years. First in operations, monitoring systems, running backups, upgrades, hardware replacement, etc., etc. More recently, since around 2002, I have been working as a contract web developer for financial corporations, education and small private companies.

I develop with open source tools in open source environments. I can and have worked in proprietary and legacy environments. If the goal is to move away from these systems and into the open source equivalent then I am interested.  I love a challenge.

I prefer not to fly or drive great distances as my best work is done in my own office. I am always on line however and make myself available to my clients to meet their needs.

Gardening is important to me for many reasons but the most important is the exercise and fresh air I get every day in taking care of my plants. Secondly, since going whole foods vegan in January 2018 having a source of organic, hyper-local food is mandatory.

Check out the work tab of this site to see what projects I’ve completed. Please send me a note if you have any questions or possible work that I might be a good fit for.