Patreon /Consulting


Thank you for allowing me to help you set up your first grow room! I have been growing my own medical gardens since 2013 and I can help you have a safe, stealthy and successful home grow of your own.

I can also help you with germination, cloning, preventative pest management, selecting nutrients, training, harvesting and curing.

Join my Patreon:

Join me on Patreon for only $9.99/month and get my excel feeding charts, filled out with my proven successful nutrition plan using Blue Planet / Farmer’s Pride line of nutrients and one for Botanicare Kind at my recommended half strength. You can edit this for your own feeding schedule. It’s great to keep track of your grow and write notes for future reference.

You will also get invites to Google hangouts where we will discuss growing tiny personal gardens safely, productively and most importantly under the radar.

Personal consultation via Google Hangouts or Skype:

My rates for voice/video consultation are:

$35.00 USD for 30 minutes
$60.00 USD for 60 minutes

Right now I accept Paypal payments for my consultation. I require payment up front. How it works is that you first contact me for a Free email consultation, send me an email:
( ) or use my contact form:

Please provide your preferred contact method, email, google chat or Skype and a time to call you back. Once we schedule a time for your consultation you will need to Paypal me the fee using my Paypal link below:

Thank you!