Web Development css3, wordpress-theme
I created a new WordPress website for the client. Using an existing theme provided by the client and a Photoshop PSD of how the finished website was to be built. Project completed within 1 week time frame to client’s satisfaction.

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Web Development html, ADA compliance, css3, drupal

Objective: Bring http://buildupmi.org up to ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990) Compliance. Skills used: Drupal Modules Chrome/FF Browser Modules , PHP code to modify theme and templates CSS3 HTML5.



Web & Mobile Design wordpress

My client wanted an update of an existing WordPress 3.x website. The site was no longer on line and needed to be recreated from database dump files only.

I installed a backup module and configured an https certificate so that it would be compliant with the latest web encryption security standards. I used a module to pull the posts data from the MySQL xml file. Using an old version of the site on archive.org I was able to verify that the category and menu structure were carried over to the new site.

The new site is fully mobile and desktop compliant as well as ADA Compliant. I installed the site on a WordPress specific web host that provides automatic WordPress updates ensuring minimal ongoing system maintenance for the client.




Web Development css3, wordpress-theme
Responsible for final site testing and troubleshooting of WordPress site for the “Athena International 35th Anniversary Leadership Conference” in Lansing, MI.